Being the best we can be does not come from simply turning up for work. It also requires a constant state of cheerful uncertainty, blended with an insatiable desire to know more, a willingness to try new things, learn from our mistakes and to do so with a spirit of adventure so we can become the kind of people who inspire others - people we’d most like to spend time with


Do we have all the answers? No. Do we make mistakes? Of course, we do. But we try to learn very fast. This means being more agile and not scared of risk because, generally, successes outweigh failures; valuable lessons learnt on the way more than compensate for any temporary setbacks


‘Leading can be lonely’

‘Leaders are both born and made’

Many leaders are introverts. Many are experts more than generalists.

Being a leader is a ‘work in progress’, learning as you go with nowhere to hide

Leadership is rarely possible without also being a manager

Leaders need to approach turbulence as normal not surprising

Leaders must passionately embody the culture of their organisation


My greatest pleasure comes from helping people and organisations to succeed. After many years working in senior positions with global advertising networks; now, an independent, Worldwide Talent Consultant & Executive Coach, based in London and Asia with global experience - available to go anywhere to help make a difference to leaders, companies & organisations that are driven by a profound interest people as the basis for their continuing success