Being a leader can be a solitary experience but it doesn’t have to be. Meet our coaches. They understand, being leaders themselves

CiC Coaches Map

David Lang Levitt

Being the best requires a constant state of cheerful uncertainty, blended with an insatiable desire to know more. After many years in senior positions within global advertising networks, it is my greatest pleasure to now help people and organisations succeed; quite literally going anywhere to help as your Worldwide Talent Consultant & Executive Coach


Penny Hunt

'Leader’ means to ‘go along one’s way’. As a business leader, an Advertising Planner, a student of Psychotherapy and Leadership, and a Change Consultant over 15 years, I can help you discover your superpowers and redefine success on your own terms. It’s exhilarating


Kelly Olafson

Listening. Careful questioning. Effectively presenting. Negotiating. The development of softer skills make good leaders and teams even better. My consulting practice was started on a belief that these skills - fully developed - are actually the drivers of personal and team success. Today, my biggest kick comes from hearing the profound impact these skills have had over time


"Our number one focus is you. We get it, 

we've been there"

Because we are business people we have a healthy
respect for just what it takes to be a credible leader in turbulent times


"We have worked with David for many years, in many places"

We know how to get the best from each other to help people achieve real change. We bring shared values and standards - integrity, confidentiality, always non-judgmental, responsive, honest, open minds and warm hearts

"Driven by the same things"

We have curiosity, a love of ideas, resilience, different cultures, smart ways to make a difference, achieving breakthroughs with limited resources, leading teams in tricky times, running businesses, working in start-ups, making more than enough mistakes; learning how to bounce back, unshakable belief in the art of the possible

"Personalised coaching, engaged with 

a common thread"

Absolute confidentiality - suspending judgement - respectful & supportive - listening first - desire to keep learning - engaged in high quality, constructive conversations, creative dialogue - all trained in how and when to ask the right question, reframe and challenge assumptions - unlock the skills and potential in us all - always accessible

"We expect to be measured and evaluated for eveything we do"