The origin of the word ‘Leader’ means to ‘go along one’s way’

In that crazy, twisty way words often change, the meaning morphed firstly into ‘being out in front’, and in our own times into possessing a set of what can only be described as ‘superhero qualities’. Are any of us superhuman?

Well, perhaps: if you consider such qualities as…. agility, curiosity, courage, the wish to experiment, and loving what might be possible in such turbulent times? I can report from the front line these are the qualities that will outshine any comic strip superhero

And they are qualities that are unlocked beautifully in the coaching context. Creative dialogue; Listening; Paying attention; Co–creation; all will contribute

I’ve been an Advertising Planner across the world, started and run my own businesses, studied Psychotherapy and Leadership, consulted in growth and change for over 15 years. I can help you discover your superpowers, and redefine leadership success in your own terms

It’s exhilarating